Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q: What are the advantages of owning a train horn?
    A: Primarily, a train horn signaling system will increase your chance of being heard in an emergency situation. Often, in the roar of high speed big rigs on the interstate, a stock horn may not be heard. Your new air horn system will be heeded in all situations, from a child about to run in the street to retrieve a ball to an approaching car about to drift into your lane. Oh yeah, did we mention that they are a lot of fun?
  • Q: I'm concerned about installation. Can I do this myself?
    A: Kits are meant for easy installation. The concept is simple--basically, the compressor feeds the tank which feeds the horn. Components are powered by 12V standard DC vehicle power. Everything that you need including air hose, fittings and wiring is included in the kit. Still, figure at least a couple hours or more depending on the sophistication of your install. Follow the directions closely for a good installation. Don't forget to use thread tape on all air ports for an air tight install. Don't leave out any components. We can't be responsible if components fail due to an improper install or inappropriate operation. Your installation will go quicker with a knowledgeable friend helping out. Many users feel more comfortable hiring a garage to do the work. If you want to go this route, and you have no preference, we recommend contacting a business that specializes in alarm/remote starter/audio installations as they are very familiar with 12V DC wire-ups and running wires. There are several online step by step video installations you can so you will feel confident that you can install the kit yourself after watching.
  • Q: What about support?
    A: We're here for you both before and after the sale via e-mail and phone support.
  • Q: After I order, how long until I receive my train horn?
    A: Most often items ship within 48 hours from order. In the continental US, shipping time is typically 5 business days. International order shipping time is commonly 1-2 weeks. We will contact you if there is an undue delay in the processing or shipping of your order.
  • Q: What's the difference between your train horns and kits and others I see on the Internet?
    A: Cheap kits are sold without regard to quality components. Expect two liter or smaller tanks (good for just a couple toots), cheap compressors that work slowly and noisily and inefficient plastic horns (even chrome ones). You get what you pay for. We have the best Maximus Horn Systems in all our price ranges, from entry level to ultra sophisticated.
  • Q: Why don't I see db ratings for your kits?
    A: Like watts for amplifiers, db ratings can be misleading. Under what circumstances were the decibels determined? How far away from the horn was the measurement taken? What device was used to measure? When was it last calibrated. Our horns are very loud. We design them right from the beginning. We have some systems that are so loud they will cause hearing damage so don't get too close when in use!
  • Q: Does your merchandise carry a warranty?
    A: Yes. Our products carry the standard warranty from the manufacturer for these type components.
  • Q: Why the different size tanks?
    A: The larger the tank, the more blasts between re-fills. You'll have to balance tank size with the space you have in your vehicle.
  • Q: What happens if I do have a problem with my train horn?
    A: Despite our manufacturers' best efforts, occasionally a part may fail prematurely. Sometimes a wiring problem may develop. Notify us if you have a problem. If we determine a part needs replacement, we will give you an RA number for repair or exchange.
  • Q: Why do you only sell MAXIMUS HORN SYSTEMS lines?
    A: By working with one specific manufacture it allows us the greatest pricing and warranty available. The MAXIMUS line allows more customization. If you would like to substitute a different part(s) in the kit, please contact us. We'll get back to you with a quote.
  • Q: What is the best way to install my air horns?
    A: There is no "perfect" answer to that question. Your installation needs to be thought out as to where you want your horns, your compressor and your air tank mounted. Something that is especially important, though: No matter where you mount your horns, keep the air solenoid as close to the horns as possible. This will eliminate any delay in sounding the horns if you keep the solenoid close.
  • Q: What is the first factoid about Maximus Horn Systems?
    A: is the largest train horn distributor in the USA, with a full line of Train Horns and refurbished Nathan train horns. Our Train Horns are either chrome or painted black. Our Train Horns are very loud train horns with a fantastic great tone
  • Q: What is the second factoid about Maximus Horn Systems?
    A: has kits for the smallest trucks to industrial alarm air horns to signal and emergency situation. We can provide standard truck air horns, custom air horn kits for specific applications, and signal trees for emergency applications for manufacturing plants, chemical plants, refineries, tornado warnings, etc. If you have a special need, let us know. We may have already provided the need even though it may not appear on our website.
  • Q: What is the third factoid about Maximus Horn Systems?
    A: proudly offers Marine air horns for recreational boating, and yachts. All marine air horns are chrome plated.
  • Q: What is the fourth factoid about Maximus Horn Systems?
    A: Whether you are a large fleet or a single truck operator, we have all your air horn needs at We also have special applications for sporting events and can provide remotely controlled, self contained air horn packages used by several high schools, colleges and professional football and hockey teams. Although these special air horn packages may not appear on our web, give us a call. We look forward to serving you with all your air horn needs, large or small. We have a large inventory of air horns and can ship most air horn orders the same day. We also have several custom air horn kits and have developed a special air horn kit for motorcycles.
  • Q: What is the fifth factoid about Maximus Horn Systems?
    A: Dealer inquires welcome.
  • Q: What is the sixth factoid about Maximus Horn Systems?
    A: Air Horns are All the Same: NOT! There are excellent quality air horns made of chrome plated brass, chromed metal air horns and then there are the plastic air horns, most of which are low cost imports. The sound quality is dramatically different on the various quality of air horns. Our air horns are chrome plated or painted brass except for the marine air horns which are brass and bronze. Our air horns have been the choice of most heavy-duty truck, fire truck manufacturers, yacht and boat builders.
  • Q: What is the seventh factoid about Maximus Horn Systems?
    A: Air Systems: As with the air horns, there is a dramatic difference in air systems. The less expensive air systems do not use an air reservoir. The idea is an instant-on air pump when you hit the horn button. This certainly cuts costs. simplifies installation, takes less room to install. Big draw back: Very short and very low quality air horn sound.There's just not enough air.
  • Q: What is the eighth factoid about Maximus Horn Systems?
    A: If you check out, you will find a number of air systems from 1 gallon air reservoirs to 5 gallon reservoirs and several different air compressors, all the way up to the compressors needed to handle locomotive air horns. Now these are real air systems. In addition, we will even design you a custom system if you have a special need or want something with a larger air capacity. We design systems for professional hockey and football teams, movie star's big bad trucks, and even remotely controlled systems. Nothing seems to be impossible.
  • Q: What is the ninth factoid about Maximus Horn Systems?
    A: Proper Installation is the key to having a great system. One of the most important things is to be sure you have absolutely no air leaks. Air leaks kill compressors and greatly downgrade performance. We warranty all of our compressors, but if you burn it up and air leaks are the culprit, that is not the compressors fault. If you are using a compressor that is oiled, the compressor must be installed upright and you must check the oil regularly. We have several PDF files on installation; they are all on our instructions page. In addition, we will be happy to assist you if you get stuck.