EXTREME train horn kit.

SKU: 1826
Part #: The MAXIMUS III Kit


The MAXIMUS III Train Horn Kit

The MAXIMUS III Kit Begins to approach the EXTREME level. This kit uses the same HIGH Quality Train Horns But Now you get:

• FOXXAIR pumps 
• With a 3 gallon rust free polymer air tank. Measurements: 18" long and 7.5" diameter. 
• 175+DB ALL STEEL CHROME PLATED TRIPLE TRAIN HORN ASSEMBLY. Measurements are 16" long, 12" high and 11" wide. 
• 3 Gallon polymer Air Tank 
• Level 3 FOXXAIR 100% Duty Cycle air Compressor 200psi; max amperage:23A, flow rate in 0psi:45L/M, flow rate in 5Gal to 120psi:4min, 100%duty cycle at 100psi